NCHS School Communication Plan 2017-18









North Colchester High School strives to keep communication between home and school as effective as possible. In order to enhance this process, we have developed a communication plan.  Please keep this as it will serve as a point of reference for the current school year.  Parents/Guardians can also access the school website at  for weekly/monthly updates.


  1. The daily schedule:


  8:10    -  8:15        Students to homeroom

  8:15    -  8:22        O Canada & Homeroom Registration

  8:25    -  9:25        Period 1

  9:30    - 10:30       Period 2

10:35   - 11:35        Period 3

11:35   -12:15        Lunch

12:20   -   1:20        Period 4

  1:25   -   2:25        Period 5

  2:25   -   2:30        Dismissal


SAC (Student Advisory Council) meetings are the 1st Monday of each month (6:00 p.m.).  For a more detailed listing of dates and events for the school year, see page 3.


  1.  Range of Formal and Informal Communication Methods used throughout the year:
    • Monthly Newsletter    (also available online)                                               
    • Report Cards                                                  
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences  
    • Teacher Communication Plan
    • Student Agenda Book
    • Program Planning Team
    • School Advisory Council
    • Annual Report (September)


  • Course Selection Booklets
  • Telephone Calls
  • Classroom Notices
  • School Notices
  • Letters
  • Conversing with students/parents
  • Announcements
  • Monthly Assemblies



  1. The Protocol for Parent communication with the School


If you have a question or concern regarding your child, the channel of communication begins with your child’s teacher.  If the problem cannot be resolved at this level, please speak with the principal.  Should you have concerns beyond this level, please refer to the “Parental Concern Form”.  For a more detailed description of the protocol to be used in reference to communication with the school, please refer to page 9 of the Student Agenda Book.


  1. Individual School Practices:
  • Monthly Newsletter                                       
  • Web Site:
  •  Accommodation Meetings                            
  • Program Planning Team Meetings
  • Notice for overdue assignments                    
  • SAC (1st Monday of each month)                 
  • Student of the Month                                    
  • Blue Card Program (monthly)                       
  • Daily Announcements                                        
  • Individual Parent Meetings                           

·    Student Progress Report Meetings

                  ·   Announcement Board

                  ·   Student Recognition Awards (June)

                  ·   Staff/PD Meetings


NCHS Parents/Guardians will be able to check student progress using a new Province-wide initiative called PowerSchool. 

Parents/guardians will receive a username and password that will allow them to access information on attendance, student schedules, as well as student progress.

More information regarding parent username/passwords will be available in September.